// Who We Are

Hacker: Hideout is a member based community center for thinkers and builders, tech lovers and business moguls, right on down to tech students and teachers alike. We are–and like to think of our facility as–what one gets when they successfully blend the essence and best parts of a co-working space, micro-incubator, eco-social-technological (okay, we may have made this word up) think-tank, and social event center for Hackers, Builders, Designers and Shakers of all kinds to benefit from together.

We are a little bit of everything. We take pride in that statement, but at the end of the day we believe that it is technology in the form of both hardware and software which will sway the future of business and even the very fabric our lives as we know them.

With the above still in mind–we totally love putting ideas, research and passion into action, and we have the resources available to really help allow this to happen for you as well. So whether you’re reading this now as an already an established techie entrepreneur, a techie with no entrepreneurial experience save for a dream, an entrepreneur with no or just not enough technology experience, or if you are even aspiring be to any of these, then check out what some of what we have to offer:

  • Large, safe, well-equipped and well-located facilities for you to work, play and stay

  • An intensive, immersive cloud-focus learning environment for aspiring web developers & entrepreneurs alike to cover everything needed to build and maintain full-stack cloud-based applications

  • Experienced ninjas and gurus who don’t just practice but truly live advanced topics and fundamentals covering a range from Git and MVC, to advanced *nix security best practices and procedures, PaaS, application scaling & more…

  • A cloud hosted virtual pen-testing lab for gaining legal hacking experience. Optional Kali Linux Boot USBs w/ Persistence available for purchase. No need to dual boot!

  • Great people and resources for you to give and take from;-socially, economically, information-ally, and economically. Sometimes the occasional political debate becomes inevitable, but it’s always kept in good fun among members and friends.

  • 24/7 admission free access to our public facing hacker space, with all that it includes below, plus the interesting and talented people you can meet there, and more…

  • Includes access to on-site workshop replete with tools, hardware, spare parts, and the space to work virtually uninterrupted by appointment on a number of pursuits such as PC repair, robotics projects, or more. Access continues after normal closing hours for the public. Launch or sustain a small business from our facilities!

  • Free VPN access. Use IRC or do whatever you like in the comfort of relative privacy.

  • Free locally hosted Hackathons held monthly via meetup.com

  • Raffles held at least annually for Def-Con tickets, assorted tech event passes & other loot

  • Optional laundry service: prepare laundry for us as specified, leave it at the drop location, and expect it back cleaned and dry. Pay for a discounted plan up front, or pay as you go if you prefer the freedom.

  • Free coffee to help maintain HP throughout coding quests

  • Free high speed internet on tap

  • Now featuring biometric finger-scanning door locks, entryway security cameras, and an emphasis placed on creating a secure oasis for your accompanying belongings and technologies

  • 24/7 access to our co-working space

  • Private or shared rooms available

  • Monthly to bi-monthly open or private parties as well as events like poker tournaments

  • Big screen TV with cable access in the community living room area

  • Can’t sleep? Play billiards, old fashioned (free) coin-op arcade games, or ping pong with housemates and friends ’til your heart’s content

  • Discounts on clothing merchandise, plus 1 free logo t-shirt (at least)

  • Shared spacious kitchens and multiple shared full bathrooms on multiple floors

  • Meal plans to be made available with our in-house chef starting at $110 /wk which include everything from breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to snacks made available from Monday-Friday