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Hacker: University is the name of our educational institution and immersive peer-to-peer learning center which has been designed to provide a deep and fundamental understanding of those skills found inherently useful for the creation of a relevant career in the complicated and growing digital world, as well as critical thinking skills for a more transparent path through life.

Our program is comprised of two schools of which students may choose from. See below:

  • Hacker: Coding Academy (H:CA) – is an intensive and immersive learning program for individuals to become software developers and programmers. Whether looking to build the product of your dreams or to do great work for others–this is the program for you. No matter how much experience you already have we believe the essence of learning by doing along with help from actual in-person developers will have you becoming a hacker yet. Doing is after all the best and most efficient way to learn. And you’ll find plenty of that here.

    Highlights: Our participants learn and acquire skills on how to rapidly pick up any programming language. You will build projects in 10+ weeks that would have otherwise taken you an innumerable amount of time to learn to confidently perform on your own. This program alone can save you thousands and thousands of dollars from your budget even when excusing the fact that in a real sense, “time is money”.
    Your portfolio of applications will demonstrate everything from mastery of git and mvc to application security, PaaS, and application scaling up to building up a full-stack cloud based experience. This is more powerful than any resume can provide in terms of producing a great paying, highly sought after job or career.
    With enrollment and successful completion of this program a Full-Year General Membership to Hacker Hideout is included!
    Topics: HTML, CSS, jQuery, jQueryUI, PHP, AJAX, MySQL, Database Design, Flattening Data Structures, Agile/Scrum, OOP, Git, SVN, Ruby, Linux and Cloud (AWS) Administration, Ruby on Rails, CodeIgniter, Underscore, SASS….

    (Optional) NodeJS, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, TDD, Python, Django, C# or Java

  • Hacker: Accel – is an early-stage, micro individual business accelerator program that chooses to focuses on helping provide entrepreneurs the resources and ability to think, plan, analyze, and create a solid vision (or even an actual product or prototype–see: Hacker: Coding Academy, above, for more) to allow for a successful commerce launch.
    Through this part-time 10-week program, existing and prospective founders can launch their dream company along side expert training, feedback, and support coming directly from experienced professionals.
    Topics: Crafting Business Plans & Pitches, Financials, Market Research & Segmentation Strategies, Legality, Project Management with a technical focus, and more.