// General Membership

If you are reading this and able to find the right reasons to become interested in joining a community which loves business and technology as much as you do, then you can Join Here Now. Or if you need to convince yourself, then see if you can’t find the right reasons to do so here instead, below.

Membership privileges grant you: 24/7 access to our facility, a ritual end of the week happy hour, our monthly member dinners, premium Wi-Fi access, free access to legal support and counsel where needed, the ability to join or host your own special events, permission to sit in on any member driven class for free, plenty of teaching and mentoring opportunities, & so much more.

Membership itself is priced at $150/mo, and there is ever reserved the right to cancel at any time without questions asked. Also, a discount is made available when a $1500 full year commitment is purchased.

Are you otherwise able to help teach, mentor, or assist with any of our advertised educational programs? Discounts on membership and other forms of compensation exists for sake of your support and our collaboration. Let us know of any special needs within the application, and we will take it with you from there.