// How We Work

We Eat,

Nobody can get things done without first having energy, so we make sure to provide plenty of sustenance while you’re here. Sometimes this is to be covered by membership costs, and sometimes in gratis just because we’re cool like that. No matter what there will at least be something available in a vending machine or the community fridge provided for you all to stack up with. Foods range from the generally healthy, to super nutritious, to the scrumptious, to even the super scrumptious, or just plain old comfort food for times when it’s needed. We do tend to focus on the former over the later, but this is no reason to go hungry!

We Drink,

See “Play”, below, as our fridge is always kept stocked with good brew as well as bottled water, juices, and other drinks to provide more than just a quick sugar rush.

We Learn,

Whether enrolled and active in Hacker: University programs or not, our community is all about life-long learning, and making perpetual progress. As a student, once accepted into our program you will begin work with our custom-built LMS (Learning Management System), where course content and assignments are stored, delivered, recorded, and eventually reported on; all for you to track your progress and performance thereby. We recommend setting aside at least thirty minutes to an hour at the start of each workday to read over and review any given material before actually practicing. Even during your development phase you should have material on hand to use for review of critical points as necessary. It is also wise to look into taking advantage of the various additional post-graduation resources left for students in order that they might keep building and refining hard-earned skills for life. Yeah. It is really like that. In fact–we think it always should be.

The concepts learned will come to be applied through several projects of your own choosing. It’s always best to come prepared with original project ideas, but if not, then we will help you come up with your own challenges to conquer.

We Build,

The focus and mantra of all of our programs is that it is doing which counts most! In a given week you should be doing something with our resources at your disposal using your growing knowledge base and the skills already possessed. As an entrepreneur-in-training or otherwise you should at least be putting in 50-70 hours of a week toward guided actualization of goals; the which we’ll help you to break down and then keep track of through reviews.

Whether it’s planning, designing, coding, or so forth down the line, you should be able to take advantage of dedicated peers, expert mentors, and the many learning materials at your beck and call to help yourself accel while doing something great.

Every topic is passed off to students through a qualifying event; incrementally bringing your skills and final product closer to monetization. You will have the chance to participate in both group as well as individual reviews throughout your tenure in our program to help ensure mastery. Along the way you will find yourself earning fun rewards, feedback, reports and certifications to mark your progress.

We Play,

You’ll get the chance to prove what you’ve learned by building web applications from scratch. You’ll take your idea from an initial design, to the mock-up stage, through to being a polished front-end standing bolted onto a completed back-end as well. Each class member will have the opportunity show off the applications which they’ve built to thereby explain their underlying concepts for group review among other outlets for analysis and correction.

We also do other fun things like having community parties, “out on the town” adventures, and even some travelling done together as a group when the time calls for it.

We Sleep,

Of course we do! After a good hard day of work, you sometimes can’t wait to just drop everything and rest. We do therefore have limited housing options available on a “first come, first serve”, basis.

Avoid the hassle of settling for temporary, distant, and frustrating housing options elsewhere, and reserve your spot with us today!

“Eat, drink, learn, build, play”; in no certain order you will be repeating this process over and over again. Losing time to traffic meanwhile just isn’t time well spent. And that’s pretty hard to argue.

But then….

We also Collaborate!

What would the point be in learning all of these great skills and even to go about building things with them if you aren’t going to also solve some need in the process? Surely if this is just a fun hobby for you then you are still welcome to join, but the goal is always to create something of value and to deliver if not a final project, then to at least have your overall knowledge, skills, and inner-being end up in a better place from the work.

Then again–it’s worth mentioning how some just want to spend time hanging out, and that’s cool, too. 😉